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Case Studies

Performance Improvement

Assisted a Fortune 500 client in re-designing their Care/Sales programs.

Result: 50% improvement in sales metrics over a 3 month period.

Vocal Delivery Standardization

Developed an innovative process to assist in classifying associates in terms of second language capabilities, as well as resolving communication issues and barriers to increase call fluency.

Result: Increased CSAT as well as associate retention.

Project Implementation or Intervention/Remediation

Our team was called in to "rescue" a client relationship and set aright performance standards and expectations.

Result: Client retained, relationship volume growth 110%

Revenue / Profitability Enhancement

Multiple projects completed involving analysis of opportunities for revenue/profitability growth. 

Result: Typical results gain 30-50% over one year.

Staff Review and Recommendations

Completed full-scale staffing review of nearshore facility.  Recommendations implemented nearly 100%

Result: Employee satisfaction up 25% over one year, retention up 50%

Human Resources Support/Outplacement Services

Our team has worked with multiple companies needing to restructure with exceptional results

Training Development and Evaluation

Our training experts have evaluated dozens of training programs and assisted in positive changes in approach and material development

Ad hoc on-location Management Support Services

If you have a need for short-term contracted Management services to handle a new site, interim coverage, or selection and placement assistance, call MSI- we can help! 

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