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About MSI

Our Mission

At MSI, our core goal is to provide high-value expertise for our clients and their downstream customers, at an affordable price. 


We accomplish this every day through diligence, a thorough understanding your needs as well as of our industries, and solid communication/ implementation of findings and results. 


We are your partners for success! 

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MSI is:

An experienced provider to clients who would like to:

  • Gain Market Share and Add Revenue

  • Build Customer Confidence

  • Retain Customers for the long-term\

  • Add Additional Revenue Streams by offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services to other Domestic and International Cleints

    • Creating new jobs for Clients and Communities.

An International Resource with the influence to attract businesses around the world for outsourcing investment.

MSI is not:

An "American Company with all the answers"

  • We know the questions. We will work within the local business environment to develop the answers together.

A Traditional "Consulting Firm" that comes in and then leaves before change happens

  • MSI acquires approximately 70+% of revenue through the successful efforts of our Clients. We will be here through the entire development cycle, with you every step of the way.

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MSI Target Areas

To help our clients perform at their best, we target a range of services:

  • Customer Acquisition, Loyalty, and Retention

  • Revenue / Profitability Enhancement and Client Optimization

  • BPO Benchmarking / Evaluation for M&A Intelligence

  • Project Implementation or Intervention / Remediation

  • Training development and evaluation

  • Staff Review and Recommendations

  • Verbal Delivery Standardization (Off-shore, Near-shore)

  • Turnkey call center solutions

  • Ad hoc on-location Management Support services

MSI Successes - A Sampling

Participated in successful Benchmarking and Implementation of major Streaming Provider - 15 contact centers, 11 languages over 6 months.

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Our MSI Team

Bruce Maxwell

The MSI team represents a broad range of individuals with expertise in a variety of Contact Center Essential Areas, including:

  • Contact Center Benchmarking

  • Operations Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Human Resource Development

  • Recruiting, Training, and Work Force Management

  • Background Landscape Core Function Management

  • Client Acquisition and Retention

  • Revenue Enhancement

  • Project Management

Our team members are adept at "Cultural Acumen" - able to effectively identify cultural characteristics and design solutions that will work inside the environment

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We look forward to getting to know you and your business needs!

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