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At MSI, our core goal is to provide excellent value and expertise for our clients and their downstream customers.  We accomplish this every day through  due diligence, thorough understanding your needs as well as of our industries, and solid communication/implementation of findings and results.  We are your partners for success! 

Unlike other Contact Center Operations management and consulting firms, MSI has been designed to strategically partner with clients who may vary from the novice Care team (with desires for technology and guidance), to the most sophisticated client who is well aware of good strategy, but seeks help in a specific Contact Center discipline.  Services are “modular”, in that they can be utilized separately (Voice Delivery Replication, for example), or coupled together into an unbeatable solution that covers all aspects of Operations, from Recruiting/Management Selection to training to workforce management, as well to facilities advice as needed. 


Moreover, MSI isn’t strategically in the “Contact Center Business” with respect to trying to dominant Call Center operations in a specific region.  MSI’s  clients are typically mid-sized growth firms that need support to set-up and maintain World-class Care and Help-desk operations.  Most turnkey or custom build-to-spec programs will begin under MSI guidance through the critical implementation and intitial production phases, before being turned over to the now well-trained client for long-term operations. 

At MSI, our guiding goal is to provide high value and expertise for our clients and their downstream customers.  We accomplish this every day through diligence, thorough understanding of their needs as well as of our industries, and solid communication/implementation of findings and results.  We are our clients’ partners for success.   Welcome Aboard! 

Bruce Maxwell
Managing Director ________

Bruce is a Contact Center Executive with over 25 years of senior management experience in designing, building, and leading best-in-class Contact Center operations both domestically and internationally. He has a reputation for operational excellence and strong team-based cultures.

In addition to a degree in Accounting from Wilkes University, Bruce holds an MBA from the University of Arizona.  He is fluent in Spanish in addition to his native English.

Nadio Malalane
Partner/Legal Representative, MSI Mozambique

Nadio is a Partner in MSI Mozambique, as well as our Legal Representative for the subsidiary in the country.  He brings a wealth of solid experience to the team in Strategy Analysis and Planning as well as Business Law and Ethics.  He is fluent in Portuguese and English.

Nadio holds a Law Degree from the Universidade Politecnica de Moçambique

Michael Larson
Operations and Client Management Expert

Michael is a 25 - plus year veteran of the Contact Center industry, working in both the retail as well as medical fields,  and leading cross-functional teams to new levels of excellence.  Additionally, he has led  numerous efforts in client requirements design, implementation and achievement.  


Michael holds a degree in Social Sciences from the University of Northern Iowa, and is a COPC Registered Auditor. 

Glenn Emerson
Quality and Linguistics Specialist

Glenn is a Linguist who is fluent in 5 languages.  He has a passion for detail in both Verbal Delivery and Quality of Contact.  In his leisure time he designs language instruction for social media.  Glenn holds degrees in French and Chinese from the University of Arizona, and is an active Reservist in the US Marines. 

Andres Ochoa
Project Manager _________

Andres is a Honduras native, currently residing with his family in Panama.  He is a professional in operations and logistics, specializing  in process management and quality assurance. With his background in engineering and his experience as a manager, he can deal effectively with both technical issues and team work organization. Andres has the ability of motivating groups of people to become a high performance work team and accomplish high standard goals.

Andres has a degree in Engineering and an MBA from UNITEC University Centroamericana.   He is fluent in Spanish and English.

Karla Hawkins
Operations and Design Specialist

Karla is a hands-on senior level call center professional known for strategic and focused approach, with extensive accolades for creating and developing winning teams, and establishing creative strategies for optimizing internal operations, financial returns and external customer service and output. She offers a unique combination of creativity and analytical skill with the ability to assess both vantage points to create cost-effective solutions for internal and external clients.
Karla holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Catalunya, Spain.  She is multi-lingual. 

Scott Sessions
Recruiting, Placement Expert

Scott specializes in recruiting, placement and HR strategy plan development.  His career has focused on assisting individuals to maximize their value and contribution to the organizations that they work with, with great success. He can do the same with your team effort. 

Scott holds a BS in Chemistry and Spanish from Weber State University. He also serves as an Executive Committee member for the BYU Management Society, as well as the Arizona Alumni Association for Weber State.  

Ben Hawkins
Analytical Expert & Strategist

Ben joins the team with a wealth of solid background in focus on the "human experience"  He has a reputation for being a change catalyst: improving customer satisfaction, top-line revenue and decreasing costs.   He has multi-organization experience in designing top-level QA processes as well as Program Analytics and Process Review and Redesign. 

Ben holds degrees in Business Administration and Applied Technology from Rogers State University, and is active in fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Association. 

Jeff Barocas
IT Operations   __________

With over 20 years of experience as an IT Senior Executive, Jeff Barocas has been involved in all aspects of IT operations. Whether it was hiring the team of engineers and system administrators for his company’s global call centers, design and build of call center technologies or serving as the corporate liaison for all 3rd party audits, Jeff  excels at working as part of the cross-functional Leadership Team to align IT capabilities with business goals to create a cohesive strategy to drive profitability. Jeff remains current with trending technologies and is quick to identify and adopt difference making capabilities. Working with vendors is an important way of ramping up quickly regarding new technologies, so he has focused his attention to details by, in part, monitoring vendors for SLA compliance. Jeff has a rigorous, results-driven work ethic and he has been fortunate to work with top IT professionals over his career.

Debra Maxwell
Managing Director _______

Debra has provided consulting services for hundreds of multi-million dollar projects in multiple countries.  She is a strong operations professional skilled in Team Management, Project Oversight, and Budget Design. 

Debra has earned both a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Master of Science in Architecture degree from the University of Arizona.  She has a keen eye for form as well as function. 

Harry Morgan
Strategic Planning Specialist

Harry is Chief Advisor of Morgan Media International, and brings a wealth of solid experience to the team in Strategy Analysis and Planning.  In his spare time, he plays percussion with several local bands. 

Harry holds a degree from the University of Arizona in Operations Management and Production Design.  

Zainadino Tualufo
Business Consultant, MSI Mozambique

Zainadino “Dino” Tualufo recently joined our team at MSI Mozambique. He has a broad background in business operations and holds a business and finance degree from Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologia de Moçambique – ISCTEM. Dino is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Lourena Arone
Program Advisor/Manager, MSI Mozambique

Lourena is a native of Mozambique and is very familiar with the business dynamic and culture there, which makes her a valuable asset in the business.  Adept at Program Management, Lourena holds a Doctorate in Plant Pathology from the University of Arizona (USA).  She is fluent in a variety of languages, including Portuguese and English.

Eleuterio Fenita
Partner/Business Consultant, MSI Mozambique

Eleuterio “Lelo” Fenita has a distinguished background in international business relations and humanitarian aid.  He is well acquainted with government and social services operations worldwide.  He is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Norman Bresemann
Organizational Development Strategist

Norm is a seasoned veteran of the Contact Center industry, providing exceptional business process, organizational development and human resource consulting and execution services to drive team and bottom line success.  He has a wealth of background in Labor Relations, Executive Coaching and Employee Development. 

Norm holds a degree in Business from Lewis University and a Certificate in Organizational Development from CUNY.  Norm is SHRP certified and is an active Member of SHRM. 

Elise Christensen
Administrative Manager _______

Elise is an accomplished manager who is a master at juggling multiple tasks successfully.  She manages our various Web/Social Media interfaces as well as our VoIP designations.  

Elise holds a degree in Speech-Language and Hearing Pathology from the University of Arizona.

Jeanmarie Cook
Telecommunications Specialist

Jeanmarie joins the team with over 20 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry.  She has worked with a variety of solutions from mainframe to cloud-based networks.  Her experience includes work in the healthcare and civic administration fields as well as extensive call center operations. She has a degree in Elementary Education.  

Jeanmarie is active in many activities including spending time with her 10 grandchildren!  

Gail Levin
HR/Executive Talent Acquisition Expert

Gail Levin has been an Executive Search Consultant for over 20 years as both a third party recruiter, staffing/temp agency owner and National Director of Talent Acquisition for several corporations. Gail has a reputation for filling hard to fill positions and is called upon repeatedly by previous customers in multiple industries nationally. She has voluntarily taught classes at Broward Outreach Center, “How to become employed” and at Career Source Broward, “Red Flags on a Resume”.


Gail’s recruiting career began as a U.S. Army Recruiter and Station Commander. She has a total of 10 years in the United States Army and attained the rank of Sergeant First Class. She is an Army Commendation Medal recipient, a founding member of WIMSA – Women In Military Service Memorial in Washington D.C. and also holds two certifications in Human Resources a PHR and a SHRM-CP.

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