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Project Implementation

Project implementation / Remediation. Got a Contact Center Implementation that needs some expert guidance?  One underway that just isn't going the way you had anticipated it would?  We can help!  

Contact us for a free evaluation and project estimate. 

Customer Care / Retention Strategies

We specialize in helping our clients to create and enhance the Service Experience that their customers receive!  Our experts can assist in working with your teams to ensure that your customers are satisfied, and are back again and again as loyal individuals and firms!

- Design and Implementation

- Loyalty Programs

- Process Review and Re-design 

Let's face it- you are not in the business to be unprofitable.  We can help you design and implement a plan that will balance your revenue growth and profit/margin needs with the needs of your customers and associates.  Let us assist! 

Revenue and Profitability Enhancements
Training Development and Evaluation

Our team of experts can review your current training plans and make recommendations to lift learning and associate retention! 

Managed Support Services - Nonprofit sector

The team at MSI believes in the value of people and the goodness in all of us.  Many Nonprofit organizations shine at promoting great causes, yet struggle with the "business side" of the equation.  MSI specilaizes in providing low-cost, custom business support services to Nonprofits so that you can concentrate on your mission and needy clients. 

Clients can be challenging to manage and grow the relationship.  Let us review the current client growth strategies for your company for areas where your team can improve to maximize the opportunity.

Client Optimization
MSI IntegraReach.
Your. Total. Solution.

If your needs are comprehensive, and you need a quick, intelligent, cost-effective solution that combines our in-house capability (full Outbound, Inbound, Chat, Email, Text, and Social Media support) with complete Agent staffing and Client Advisory Services, then you need to talk to us about MSI IntegraReach.  We can handle any range of your needs from individual service verticals to turnkey operations! 

Ad hoc on-location support services

Need a Site Manager for a limited period while you are in the search process for just the right person?  Need help in screening and selection?  We can help in these areas and many more.  

Give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss!

Developing Innovative Strategies,

Achieving Results!

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